São Jorge Castle


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São Jorge Castle

São Jorge Castle is one of the oldest structures in Lisbon. This was once a fortress (taken from the Moors in 1147), and now a must-see landmark with a fantastic view of the city. Peacocks and peahens a plenty around the grounds. Humans have been living on the castle hill since at least the 8th century BC, while the first fortifications date from the 1st century BC. Truly a historic place!

Useful Information

  • Address: Castelo de São Jorge, Lisbon
  • Email: info@castelodesaojorge.pt
  • Phone: +351 218 800 620
  • More Info: www.castelodesaojorge.pt/en
  • Address: Daily 9am–9pm. Temporary changes are possible, so check the official website before your visit
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  • More Info: www.facebook.com/castelodesaojorge/