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Once a mighty empire that stretched from South America to Africa to the Pacific, Portugal is currently the oldest nation in Europe with the same borders, which speaks to its rich and storied past. With a high quality of life and relatively low cost of living, it is one of the best value travel destinations in Europe. It boasts a staggering natural diversity that one wouldn’t expect to find in such a small territory, and with its dynamic and youthful cities, like Lisbon and Porto, idyllic beaches in the Algarve, and picturesque expanses of wine country, there is no shortage of reasons to visit Portugal.
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Faro, the capital of the Algarve region, is located on Europe’s most scenic coast, offering beautiful, long sandy beaches. Faro is a charming old town with cobbled streets and leafy parks, the perfect starting point for day-trips to all the marvellous major destinations of this wonderful region.
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Porto was once the last stop of adventurers on their way across the Atlantic to the New World. The cliché that Lisbon shows off and Porto just works is a well-worn metaphor that fails to do justice to the city's innumerate charms fully. History dwells around every corner, and more than ever, Porto is a place determined to hold on to its own distinct identity.
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The Azores

Blue lakes bordered by flowers, dazzling views of the sea from high in the hills, and lush green landscapes of ancient volcanic craters – the nine islands of the Azores, situated in the middle of the Atlantic, just 4 hours from Boston and 2 hours from Lisbon by plane, are a paradise for nature-lovers. Choose a holiday on these beautiful islands and you’ll rediscover the peace of the countryside in a stunning and unspoilt natural environment.
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With exceptional natural beauty, a mild climate throughout the year, a friendly population, and a top-quality hotel network, Madeira and Porto Santo, the two inhabited islands of the Madeira archipelago, are the perfect islands for those seeking stress-free holidays. Here you can enjoy your holiday on the beach or at sea, in the mountains, in the countryside or in the city–the perfect spot for a getaway to experience unique moments like nowhere else.
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Funchal, Madeira

The 6th largest city of Portugal, known for its wine and amazing weather, Funchal is more than just the hometown of Cristiano Ronaldo. The city is filled with historical buildings, fantastic cuisine and surrounded by truly spectacular nature of the Madeira archipelago. Make sure to taste the famous Madeira wine and pastel de nata.
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Lisbon's unique mixture of tradition and modernity, of small town and metropolis, captivates visitors from near and far. Excellent shopping, ornate architecture, late and safe nightlife, as well as restaurants with some of Europe’s best seafood are just a few of the reasons to visit this magnificent European capital.