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Pharmacies are called Eczane in Turkish and have a big E sign hanging on the storefront. The general opening hours are 9am - 7pm on weekdays and Saturdays but there is always one pharmacy open on Sundays and nighttime. A sign on the pharmacy´s front door indicates the address and telephone number of the pharmacy on duty. KIVANÇ Eczanesi 9/B, Dr. Mumtaz Ataman Cad., Bodrum +90 31 31 075 Mete Eczanesi 193/A Akyarlar Koyu Ataturk Cad., Bodrum +90 39 36 855

Useful Information

  • Address: 9/B, Dr. Mumtaz Ataman Cad., Bodrum
  • Phone: +90 31 31 075