Swiss Chocolate


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Swiss Chocolate

Swiss chocolate is beyond comparison. In Zürich, you can try offerings from all the top brands and small artisanal confectionery manufacturers. Take a chocolate walking tour of the city and taste your way through the signature pralines and cakes, as well as the hot chocolate fondue. Real chocoholics attend workshops to learn about everything from cocoa cultivation to conching, tempering and the artistry of the confectionery craft. You can learn to decorate your own pralines, too. For a one-stop all-inclusive tour head to Lindt Home of Chocolate with its towering chocolate fountain, museum exhibits on production, as wells as hands-on workshops with chocolatiers.

Do & See

There is so much to see in Zürich. This charming city is largely an intact medieval town with a beautiful natural setting. Here you can find something amazing at every corner: architectural highlights, historic squares, streets and districts, churches, works of art and much more.