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Tabya is a quaint cafe with a garden in an old preserved villa. Enjoy a coffee or a cocktail at one of the bistro tables under the tree canopy or find a cosy spot in the neoclassical house with eclectic mid-century modern furniture. Great place for laptop warriors, even though WiFi is not the fastest. Tabya is located opposite the university on the pedestrian Melenikou street. The entrance is easy to miss which makes it a delightful hidden gem free of crowds.


The line between cafes and bars is quite blurry in Thessaloniki. You'll find the same place serving coffees all day to a crowd of bookworms and digital nomads only to switch things around towards the evening. Laptops get put away, beers and cocktails magically appear on the bistro tables, the music volume gets turned up a notch or two. When it comes to desserts, the influence of the Ottoman empire is quite noticeable. Honey and filo pastry, nuts and halva — don't miss the chance to try the local versions. Biting into a crunchy and creamy trigona is a must.