Art Café Théâtral


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Art Café Théâtral

Art Café Théâtral is a cosy hidden place with a lot of character. Time slows down here, inviting you to relax with a cup of coffee, a book or maybe chatting with a group of friends. Every table gets a generous slice of chocolate cake — and the dessert is phenomenal. The interior design is quaint and is carefully designed to invoke the feeling of being in an old theatre or your favourite grandma's apartment. Utterly charming.

Useful Information

  • Address: Tsimiski 97, Thessaloniki
  • Phone: +30 2310 223 331
  • Opening House:
  • Opening House: Daily 9am–2am
  • Address: Some people might know this place as Πρώτο Πάτωμα (Proto Patoma), which means "first floor"