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Set in a stylish yet casual setting, the restaurant 1881 serves Northern Chinese and Sichuan specialities, including Beijing duck and shrimp in “Kong Bao style”. You will find this cosy and vibrant restaurant on the ground floor inside Grand Hyatt Hotel. There is also a wide selection of Chinese wine on the menu. Reservation is required if you want to order Beijing Duck.


As a cultural melting pot, Shenzhen has attracted millions of people from all over China and beyond over the years. And each culture has brought its food along with it. This makes Shenzhen the city with the most culinary diversity in the country. From heavy and generous northeast cuisine to spicy and mouth-watering Sichuan dishes to delicate and exquisite Cantonese dim sum – even the pickiest eater will be satisfied here. Below are the best places to eat in Shenzhen, China: