Avenue Bodrum


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Avenue Bodrum

Featuring national and international brands, the Avenue Bodrum is a favourite among locals and tourists. The peculiarity of the mall is the diversity of the shops, suitable for everyone´s budget. As well as clothing shops, it is a perfect destination for a great dining experience.


A most-coveted travel-resort, Bodrum sees its face changing and transforming the once remote fishing village into an exclusive destination. Providing more than just awe-inspiring spectacles of its ancient past, the city caters to shopping lovers´ desires, lending a much-needed retail counterpoint to all that earnest sightseeing. Bunches of upscale boutiques rise up nearby the luxurious marina, while shopping malls, a relatively young concept in Turkey, pop up sparsely throughout the city. The sheer abundance of shops might seem satisfying enough, but true bargains lie in its rich market scene, a treasure trove of goods waiting to be discovered. "Pazar", the open market, is where your haggling skills can be tested and it is a quite common establishment in Turkey. Flea markets, clothing pazars or vegetables and fruit stalls - Bodrum is a consumer paradise.