Sunger Pizza


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Sunger Pizza

Craving a pizza? Sunger has what you're looking for, going far beyond. Renowned for its Italian delicacies, it also donates its peculiar touch to Turkish dishes, recreating them perfectly in an informal ambiance with a laid-back attitude. The roof-terrace is a must-see.


Bathed by the Aegean Sea, Bodrum boasts a culinary history deeply intertwined with fishermen´s traditions and a blend of Eastern and Western influences. In addition, the peninsula where the city rises flourishes with a wealth of flora, donating to the local cuisine an extra touch of wild herbs and traditional spices. The quaint Neyzen Tevfik Street, encloses the port in an abundance of restaurants and bars where to tuck in. Mostly serving traditional Turkish cuisine, they offer a great glimpse into the city´s ´gourmand´s favorites which normally includes a perfectly spiced main course of meat or fish, and a side of bread which is unavoidable at a Turkish table.