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Public transport

The Bus Plus system, the system of payment for public transportation during the day, consists of four options: 1. Buying plastic Bus Plus card that costs 250 dinars and also buying a credit for it. In this case, one card costs 89din. (time ticket). It lasts for 1 and a half hour and during that period it is possible to change lines, buses without any extra cost, but each time entering the bus the ticket has to be validated again. Validation of the ticket is just by pressing the Bus Plus card against the machine that is at each entrance. 2. Buying the paper Bus Plus card. In that case, there is the 1-day ticket (290din), 3-day ticket (740din) and 5-day ticket(1040din). That type of ticket lasts from the moment it has been bought and in that period of time (24h, 72h or 5 days) it is possible to change the lines, buses unlimited number of times. 3. Buying a card directly on the bus, from the driver. It is convenient to have the exact amount of 150 dinars per person or 200 dinars. The ticket is in a form of the receipt that is valid until you exit from the bus. 4. Paying with Mastercard PayPass. A similar procedure to the one with the plastic card. One ticket is 89dinars and the same procedure has to be repeated, pressing the card against the machine each time entering a bus, changing the lines. It is also valid for 1, 5 hour. The only difference is that paying with Mastercard PayPass is only possible for 1 person. There's an option of using one plastic card to pay for more than for 1 person. By choosing the ”group card” tab on the screen of the machine before validation.

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