Mandarina Cake Shop


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Mandarina Cake Shop

Mandarina Cake Shop was created for all those who believe that life is made up of small pleasures and it quickly became a sweet daily delight for many. The youngest star on Belgrade pastry scene, tucked away in one of the most beautiful parts of town, Gracanicka Street, Mandarina Cake Shop offers a unique gastronomic experience to those who know that it is little things that make a big difference.

Do & See

Belgrade has an abundance of cultural attractions and a wide range of events that draw visitors from across Europe. Enjoy the view from the Belgrade Fortress; walk down Knez Mihailova or Skadarska street; indulge your senses in one of our national restaurants with domestic dishes, wines and music that will undoubtedly make you dance; visit some of the bars, night & disco clubs where the entertainment lasts till dawn and just when you start feeling like you want to lie down, smell of fresh coffee will invite you back. Enjoy the rivers, parks, museums, theatres…and make sure to schedule your visit around some of many events in Belgrade.