Dagon Center


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Dagon Center

There are fewer shopping malls to investigate in comparison to the other major Asian cities, which is something of a change. It does mean there is less of a ‘global market’ feel to shopping in Yangon. If your heart desires a more Western style shopping centre, there is one situated in the heart of Yangon, Dagon Center.


Yangon is a bustling and colourful place, offering great shopping opportunities for visitors. Some of the most interesting products to buy include textiles, clothes, silverware, artefacts, jewelry and handicrafts. Myanmar is also known for its precious gem production such as rubies, sapphires and jade so you will find plenty of gem and jewelry shops in Yangon. The best bargains are to be found at local markets and to bargaining is expected at these markets this also includes street vendors. Be aware that starting prices are higher for tourist. There are fewer shopping malls in the city if you compare with other Asian cities which means less of western style shopping. The malls are little behind in terms of brand names but this could also be seen as charming.