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Toh-Ka-Lin has been serving some of the finest Chinese cuisine in Tokyo since Hotel Okura opened in 1962. At this stylish restaurant, located on the 12th floor, you can enjoy food such as Peking duck or authentic Cantonese dim sum, prepared by Chinese dumpling masters, while looking out over Tokyo’s skyline. The restaurant also has one of the most extensive wine lists in the town.


Boasting more than 300.000 restaurants, cafes, and food stalls, the only problem when going for dinner in Tokyo is too much choice. Japanese food is famous for its clean and fresh taste, but here you can really delve into the depths of this oriental cuisine. Sample the best sushi before moving on to more adventurous fare in an izakaya or yatai street stall. High-end dining can be expensive, but in restaurants such as the New York Grill, there is no doubt that you are paying for the very best in terms of cuisine and, in the former, spectacular views. Many of the more pricey venues offer great deals for lunch, so it is worth making the most of these culinary delights earlier in the day. Book ahead for most places, especially during the weekends and watch out for a particular eating etiquette. Sticking your chopsticks into your rice vertically is a funerary custom!