Tiganies & Sxares


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Tiganies & Sxares

Tiganies & Sxares serves mainly grilled meat dishes. The atmosphere is authentically Greek and the staff is very friendly. The restaurant offers a great balance between quality and price: big portions, succulent grilled goodies and fresh salads.

Useful Information

  • Address: Τηγανιές και Σχάρες, Katouni 3, Thessaloniki
  • Email: ladadika@tiganies.gr
  • Phone: +30 2310 510 284
  • More Info: www.tiganiesdelivery.gr
  • Address: Second locations at Kaftantzoglou 12, opposite Ert3
  • More Info: aac7481d18182b3a352e3e0b8e94f07a7dc54518
  • More Info: www.facebook.com/Tiganies/