Waterfront & Boat Rides


Copyright: Vangelis Kovu / unsplash.com

Waterfront & Boat Rides

Thessaloniki's waterfront is a long boardwalk that stretches about 4.5 km, all the way from the First Pier to the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. Enjoy a stroll, a jog or a a bike ride, ideally in the morning or closer to sunset. You'll make your way past the Ladadika district, the White Tower and Alexander the Great statue, parks, gardens and sports facilities. Ornate boat tours departing from around the White Tower give you an opportunity to see the city from a new angle.

Do & See

Thessaloniki is home to numerous historic sights, including The White Tower, once a part of the ancient walls that protected the city. The romantic alleyways and streets make Thessaloniki a perfect destination for romantics and explorers of all ages.