Rotunda of Galerius


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Rotunda of Galerius

Unique in Greece, the Rotunda is a cylindrical building from the early 4th century AD. The mosaics inside are really impressive. The Rotunda is a massive circular structure (built in 306 AD) with a masonry core. Through its long history, it has gone through multiple periods of use and modification as a polytheist temple: a Christian basilica, a Muslim mosque, and a Christian church once again. A minaret is preserved from its use as a mosque, and ancient remains are exposed on its southern side. Some Greek publications claim it is the oldest Christian church in the world! These days, the Rotunda is primarily an archaeological site, where visitors can see some remaining Christian mosaics and feel the weight of history.

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  • Address: Platia Ayios Yioryos, Thessaloniki
  • Phone: +30 2310 204 868
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  • Address: Wed–Mon 8am–8pm, Tue closed
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