Ladadika Quarter


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Ladadika Quarter

The narrow pavements and neoclassical buildings of Ladadika host plenty of bars, restaurants, cafes and cute boutiques. The area from Salaminos street to YMCA Park is known as Ladadika Quarter. This is an old quarter that starts at the waterfront and goes a few blocks inland up to Tsimiski Avenue that is busy with international and local brand shops. The northwestern part of the area, closer to the First Pier, is a bit more subdued, with less mainstream bars and fewer shops available. As you go south-west, the area becomes more and more lively, and finally brings you to the iconic White Tower.

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Thessaloniki is home to numerous historic sights, including The White Tower, once a part of the ancient walls that protected the city. The romantic alleyways and streets make Thessaloniki a perfect destination for romantics and explorers of all ages.