Heptapyrgion of Thessalonica


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Heptapyrgion of Thessalonica

While exploring the historic Ano Poli — the Old City or Upper Town — you will stumble upon the old city wall and the Heptapyrgion. It is a Byzantine and Ottoman-era fortress. You can pay to see the renovated interior part, which used to serve as a prison in 1890–1990. It's not a must thought: enjoy your urban hike up to the monument, check out the panoramic views and sip a frappe in one of the charming cafes in the area. Edy Kulѐ or Eptapirgio (Seven Towers) is a medieval fortress with towers in the northeastern part of Thessaloniki. Despite its name, the fortress has ten towers. The fortress was built in the IX century, and some parts of it were built later. Like the White Tower, it was used as a prison from the late 19th century to 1978.

Useful Information

  • Address: Heptapyrgion, Thessaloniki
  • Address: Heptapyrgion is also known as Edy Kulѐ (its Ottoman name) or Eptapirgio — Seven Towers. Confusingly, the fortress actually sports 10 towers.