Arch of Galerius (Kamara)


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Arch of Galerius (Kamara)

In addition to The Rotonda, this is one of the two most characteristic monuments in town. The Galerius arch is situated close to the eastern city wall, a short distance from the Kassandreotiki gate. The 4th-century AD Roman emperor Galerius commissioned both structures to show off his power. A road used to run through the arch, past the Rotunda and on to the palace to the southwest. The arch is composed of a masonry core faced with marble sculptural panels celebrating a victory over the seventh emperor in the Sassanid Persian Empire. About two-thirds of the arch is preserved. Colloquially, the monument in known as Kamara (Καμάρα) — that's Greek for 'arch'

Useful Information

  • Address: Galerius Arch, Egnatia 144, Thessaloniki
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  • More Info: Check out the website above for more about the history of the arch as well as cool reconstructed imagery
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