Stin Taratsa Rooftop Bar


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Stin Taratsa Rooftop Bar

There is no shortage of rooftop bars in Thessaloniki. Sometimes they can be tricky to find, as is the case with Stin Taratsa. Look for a sign at the street level and head into a seemingly abandoned building. Climb the stairs all the way to the top and you'll find yourself at a cute bar full of stylish and trendy locals. Music is on point and there is a projector streaming retro films. Great cocktails are a given.

Bars & Nightlife

The nightlife of Thessaloniki is well-known all over Greece, with many bars, clubs, music halls and places for all tastes and ages. Ladadika is the hot spot of the town and the meeting place for young ages and, generally, for all locals and foreigners. Eat, drink, and dance without limits!