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No, unfortunately, Rotunda does not become a bar at night. But, Take a stroll around the landmark towards the evening and you will notice plenty of cute and creative bars attracting customers. The area is at the border of Thessaloniki's university district, and all the students gravitate towards Rotunda. The bars seem to differ by age a bit, but there are no strict divisions. Just take a look around and find your crowd. Some of our favourite bars here are Tabya (in an old villa), Diethnes (trends younger), Elektron cafe (´Ηλεκτρον καφέ — so stylish), To Podilato (Erasmus students) and Hippopotamus (Hello, PhD students and 60s interior!)

Bars & Nightlife

The nightlife of Thessaloniki is well-known all over Greece, with many bars, clubs, music halls and places for all tastes and ages. Ladadika is the hot spot of the town and the meeting place for young ages and, generally, for all locals and foreigners. Eat, drink, and dance without limits!