OTE Tower — Skyline cafe-bar


Copyright: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo / Flickr
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OTE Tower — Skyline cafe-bar

OTE Tower is a 76-metre-tall whimsical tower located within the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center. In addition to being a gleaming monument to 60s design, the tower is also home to a revolving Skyline cafe-bar. The venue operates year-round, offers coffee, signature drinks and a small selection of small bites. After dark, there is live piano music. Skyline organises special events for Christmas and New year's Eve, should you visit Thessaloniki in winter.

Bars & Nightlife

The nightlife of Thessaloniki is well-known all over Greece, with many bars, clubs, music halls and places for all tastes and ages. Ladadika is the hot spot of the town and the meeting place for young ages and, generally, for all locals and foreigners. Eat, drink, and dance without limits!