Santorini Greek Taverna


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Santorini Greek Taverna

Santorini Greek Taverna has been open for more than 30 years, letting Calgarians and visitors savor the typical flavors of Greece. In its bright pastel blue, red and white interiors you can order traditional dishes like skewered beef, chicken or prawn called 'souvlaki', 'arni psito', a roast rack of lamb, or 'moussaká' made with layered eggplants, minced meat and potatoes.


Dining in Calgary is like attending a food tour encompassing specialities from all over the world: you can sample Canadian staples like poutine, Middle Eastern delicacies such as shawarma and fatayre, Italian homemade pizza as well as vegetarian dishes that are sure to be appreciated by meat-lovers, too. Whether you're looking for brand new flavors or aim to stay as close as possible to your food comfort zone, Calgary has all the right places for it.