Minas Brazilian Steakhouse


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Minas Brazilian Steakhouse

Minas Brazilian Steakhouse offers rodízio, an all-you-can-eat service featuring skewered cuts of meat that follows the culture of Southeastern Brazil. Dishes are complemented by vegetables like beans, squash and okra, as well as fruits like pineapple and banana. They also offer take-out service if you want to have a taste of Brazilian cuisine in the comfort of your home.


Dining in Calgary is like attending a food tour encompassing specialities from all over the world: you can sample Canadian staples like poutine, Middle Eastern delicacies such as shawarma and fatayre, Italian homemade pizza as well as vegetarian dishes that are sure to be appreciated by meat-lovers, too. Whether you're looking for brand new flavors or aim to stay as close as possible to your food comfort zone, Calgary has all the right places for it.